I have had one of these touchless switches in my bedroom for a couple of years, and plan on more. They are perfect for not needing to over-reach, as just a sleepy wave will turn it on, off or dimmed. Now I will get them in the kitchen so that I don't need to use hands when preparing food. Also hygienic in bathrooms. Decor-wise, they are very elegant and can even be embedded in a new wall so totally invisible!


Really cool, everyone who comes through my front door is amazed. These touchless dimmer switches are the newest way to control lighting in your house. Easy to use, all I had to do was wave my hand over the wallplate and the lights went on and off. Hold your hand over the wallplate and the lights dim.

The wallplates have no switch so they look decorative and stylish. The Teleport plate is modern clean looking, high tech. Everyone who sees it is impressed. I chose glass plates for my bathroom for a artistic elegant look.

I tried one Anigmo switch and liked it so much that I replaced all the switches in my house with the touchless dimmers. My wife loves their look and the way they work too.

Installation is the same as installing a conventional wall switch. I had no problem installing them using the provided wire nuts, easy to read instructions. Great customer support.

Doctor G

I wanted to let you know that today I had the dimmers installed (one master and one remote unit). They control the halogen lights on a monorail in the hallway of my apartment. I absolutely love the dimmers. Also, the turquoise and white wall plate made by the artist in Slovenia, that I purchased at Lunatika here in Miami Beach, looks fabulous. Thanks so much!

Mark McGovern, Miami Beach

Receive the switches. Installation was easy and took less than 5 minutes. System worked immediately and amazingly. Feel free to use me as a reference for this unique product.

Dan Dworkin, Weston Solutions, Inc., West Chester, PA

I think I would say two words. Light Witch! Of course I Iove it, mostly because of how easy it is to turn it on and off.
I don't usually use the dimmer function that much, but my daughter does. She loves having different moods with her lighting. I wish I had known about it in time to not have cut the hole out of my antique cabinet.

Melissa Slocum, jazz musician NYC

I like it because, compared to old mechanical switches, there is nothing forcible about it...
It's like a breeze.

Antonin Kratochvil, photographer, NYC

It's invisible. It works like a charm.

Milcho Manchevski, film director, NYC

Just wanted to let you know that although our bathroom is not completely finished, we have installed all of the lighting and I LOVE our new lighting controls! They work flawlessly. We haven’t gotten to the point of trying to hang artwork over them yet, but we will.

Rhonda Doak, Chesapeake, VA

I have one of these at home and i love it. i am an interior designer and architectural specifier and after successful home-testing i have no problem recommending these for all my development projects. i look forward with great anticipation to seeing what wonderful products ANIGMO continues to develop. PLUS they were friendly, responsive and helpful; a delight to deal with.

David Lefkowitz