Installation and Operation

Install your Anigmo Touchless Dimmer in 2 easy steps
1. Installing Control Unit
The Control Unit installs in a standard wall box directly replacing your current wall switch or dimmer. There is no new wiring.

Installation Sheet PDF
2. Attaching Wall Plate
Select a wall plate to complement your décor. Your new plate docks securely to the control unit with a built-in adapter (Fig 2).

Note: The power is cut off until the wall plate is securely docked to the control unit. When Wall plate is not used, the control unit can be powered On or Off by sliding the Power Tab (Fig 4)

Note: When powered up the unit goes through a self calibration process which takes about 10 seconds. During this period dimmer is busy adjusting its sensor and will not respond to hand commands.
Basic Operation
WAVE... To turn the lights ON
Just wave your hand over the Anigmo Dimmer.

HOLD... To dim the lights
To change the light intensity, simply hold your hand over the anigmo dimmer. Move your hnd away when you have created the lighting you want.

WAVE... To turn the lights OFF
Just wave your hand over the anigmo dimmer.
TIP: The Anigmo Touchless Dimmer never forgets
a) Each time you hold your hand over it, the dimmer starts where you left off, taking the light intensity in the direction you last headed.
b) It will remember the previous level of brightness the next time you turn it on.

TIP: For quick maximum brightness turn your dimmer on and off twice.